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Skype Buddy Icon

Photoshop Tutorial

Learn to draw skype buddy icon with this tutorial. Final output of the skype buddy icon can be seen below :-

Create this shape with ellipse tool :-

Apply these layer styles in it:-

Make a selection with elliptical marquee tool. Also create a new layer by pressing shift+control+n.

Press D to change foreground and background color to black and white. Press X to swap the colors. Use gradient tool to fill the selection as shown :-

Change the layer style to screen :-

With the help of rounded rectangle tool, draw this shape. Set the radius to 8 pixel while drawing the shape.

Select Ellipse tool. Press "+" from numeric keypad to add the ellipse to the existing shape.

Send the shape behind the first shape by pressing shift+ctrl+alt+{.

Apply these layer styles in it: -

Control+click on this shape to select it. Create a new layer.

Fill the selection (which is actually a new layer) as shown by selecting #BCCFB3 as foreground color.

Create a new layer. Select Polygonal lasso tool to make a selection as shown :-

Fill the selection with white color.

Add these layer styles in it: -

Use pen tool to draw the shape as shown: -

Apply similar layer style (Gradient overlay) in it as we applied in the face layer. Our Skype buddy is ready to chat :)

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